QM 100

The QM 100 combines the compactness and ease of use of
the QM 1 with the relative aperture and resolution of the larger microscopes. For applications requiring high magnification and resolution, and which allow the user to work from distances
of 15 cm. to 35 cm., the QM 100 is uncontested in performance and flexibility.

Power Pak 100

PowerPak 100 is specifically designed to increase the resolution and magnifying power of the QM 100 long distance microscope. With the addition of the package's aplanat lens attachment, sub-micron characteristics are observable at a working distance of 10 centimeters. To overcome the limitations of CCD pixel technology or to just get a better look visually, the PowerPak 100 package also includes a Questar designed 3X magnifying lens. Fields of view ranging down to 250 microns are possible. Include the PowerPak 100 package with your newly purchased QM 100 or order it as an addition to your current instrument.

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