Photos Through Questar Surveillance Instruments

The real test of a lens is to increase focal length until it no longer makes useful images.
The exacting tolerances that Questar guarantees contribute to both resolution and the versatility
of the lenses. There are times when extended focal lengths are required to do the job.
Although atmospheric conditions often make photography at these focal lengths very difficult,
the photos demonstrate that Questar lenses will make the images at high magnification.

This photo was taken with a 55mm lens from a distance of
3.5 kilometers.

Left Arrow

This photo was taken
with a Field Ranger 180 from the
same location.

Right Arrow

This photo was taken
with a Field Ranger 90 from the
same location.

Photos from White Sands Missile Range

"These photos depict the intercept between a Hera target missile with a PAC3
interceptor at White Sands Missile Range. A Questar SZ180 telescope was used with a
Cohu 8215 color CCD camera to collect the imagery. The Questar telescope and color
camera are part of a suite of sensors mated to Raytheon's Sea Lite Beam Director located
at the Army's High Energy Laser Test Facility. The SLBD is a 1.8-meter telescope/ pointer-tracker
capable of placing a high-energy laser beam on tactical and strategic targets of opportunity.
The SLBD also has the ability to image and optically track targets through its main and
offset tracker apertures which the Questar SZ180 telescope is aligned to."

Unclassified photos and text courtesy of Frank Silva

Target Missile in Center

Approaching Target Missile

Target Acquired

Target Destroyed

Target Missile Debris

Debris Trail

Photos of the International Space Station

These are unclassified pictures of video taken of the International Space Station.
The Cohu color camera is the sensor mated to the Questar SZ180 telescope.
The MWIR and LWIR photos are taken with a 1.5 meter telescope and are
included to give a magnified image.

Unclassified photos courtesy of Frank Silva

ISS with SZ180

ISS with 1.5 Meter (MWIR)

ISS with 1.5 Meter (LWIR)